Loitering in L.A. With Latif Nasser 🌳


Hello! This episode of Loitering is a brief one, so no transcript. Hope you enjoy!

Here is a picture of the trees discussed in the episode. According to the app PlantSnap, they are Ceiba speciosa, otherwise known as silk floss trees.

From front to back: Breezy Treezy, Cheesy Treezy, and Weezy Treezy.

Here is a portrait of Latif with Breezy Treezy.

Listen to Radiolab here.

Listen to Latif’s award-winning podcast, “The Other Latif,” about a detainee at Guantanamo Bay who shares his name, and what 9/11 and the War on Terror have brought us 20 years later.

Check out Latif on the Netflix show “Connected” here.

Read this affecting piece by Niha Masih about covering India’s devastating surge of coronavirus while the pandemic also infected everyone in her entire family.

And check out “Dreamland: The Burning of Black Wall Street,” directed and produced by Salima Koroma, with Adam Perez serving as director of photography (and a host of other talented team members supporting the production, as is the case with most other podcasts and documentaries you consume)! Here’s some info on how to watch from the CNN Press Room: “Beginning Tuesday, June 1, the film will be available on demand via cable/satellite systems, CNNgo platforms, and CNN mobile apps.  DREAMLAND will encore Saturday, June 5 at 9:00pm Eastern.  HBO Max will offer the film for subscribers at a later date.”

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